Sourcing service package

Standard price: US$120 / hour

Package A: US $1200 for 10 hours
Package B: US $2500 for 25 hours

  • Service range is widely open on customer demand
  • Searching for suppliers,
  • Buying products from China
  • Handling sample and mass order
  • Logistics
  • Your interpreter and adviser to factory trip in China

Find new suppliers

Get quote

Check factory qualifications


Get samples, initial evaluation

Local factory visit and audit

Accompany customer to factory

Manage samples

Sample phase

On-site production
follow up

Mass order
Quality check

Mass order

Challenges customer encounter

  • Manufacturer or trader
  • Emergency
  • 3M tape
  • Cost
question mark

Chinese factories that our clients find on Google are often very big manufacturer,
however, sometimes could also be small trader with good marketing.