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Extensive support

Pre-compliance testing

Failure debugging

Extensive support and advice

Starting from 2013, Smate offers extensive support and advice for certification preparation, documentation, pre-compliance testing, failure analysis, on-site debugging, project management, regulations and standards update, etc. for electronics / IoT products with SGS branch in Shenzhen, China.

As a result of our knowledge and expertise, we can offer you more than just a regular test house certification service. We enable you to take charge of product certification process, so that you gain new insights.

Whether you need assistance for the entire process or guidance for certain parts, we can help you:

 -  Determine which EU directives and standards apply to your products, and your markets
 - Offering you advice and guidance
 - Verification of design
 - File and document preparation
 - EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing ° Risk analysis and assessment
 - User manual and instruction assessment
 - Get a faster response from the lab
 - On-site debugging to help understand the failure
 - Find an affordable way to validate hardware changes.

We have helped customers certify over 50 smart products in China, among others:

  - CE

  - IEC 62368-1:2018

  - RoHS, Reach

  - FCC (the U.S.), IC (Canada)

Why certify with our partner SGS

(China branch)?

For authority:

SGS is a world’s leading certification and testing company headquartered in Switzerland, with a network of 1250 laboratories in over 100 countries, and over 200 laboratories and 6,000 professionals in China.

For lower cost:
In comparison with the certification cost in Europe, it is undoubtedly cheaper in China, simply because certification process itself demands a lot of time, and the man-power is naturally cheaper in China than in Europe.

Who is SGS?

Rent the authority laboratories.

Certification requires a large investment in cost and engineering. Before you are sure that you can pass the tests, we recommend you run pre-compliance testing e.g. EMC, RF.

There are many advantages with pre-compliance testing. Pre-test is much cheaper than a full certification process, it saves engineers incredible amount of time, in addition, if a pre-compliance testing is passed, it will not be retested for the complete product.

Based on a long and strong cooperation with SGS Shenzhen, we are offered low price laboratories renting, as well as commited support, for test like:

RSE - Radiated Spurious Emission
CE test - Conducted Emission test
RE - Radiated Emission test...
Material test e.g. metal surface treatment and contamination + layer thickness...

The lab can be rented for minimum one hour.

Pre-compliance testing

Failure debugging on site

When a failure happens during a full certification process, don't panic, our effective actions and solutions will support through the whole process.
The first step is to understand the failure, while often it's difficult to locate the cause.
In this case, SMATE will arrange a meeting quickly with the customer and SGS lab together to discuss possible causes and improvement suggestions will also be ready.

SMATE team in China will visit SGS lab, talk to their team so they will prioritize and focus on validating the result of the fresh changes.
How to ensure your product continue to comply with CE regulations after updates?
The answer is re-certification.
Re-certification is also easy. Only the updated parts need to be tested, and a complete CE report will be updated.