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Engineering solutions

Due diligence



Prototype manufacturing

The key procedure before final prototyping is design- + BOM-review, DFM and DFT. We help to suggest design optimizations and component alternatives from local suppliers to reduce cost and lead-time, as well as increase manufacturability.

Before a design can be locked and sent for certification, small series of complete sets of electronics, mechanics and packaging must be produced. The fitting between mechanics and electronics needs to be verified, the efficiency and scalability of the assembly process must be ensured.

The factory's internal documentation and procedures for the specific product must be verified and the client must test and optimize the final design, e.g. antenna impedance matching.

Mass production
Through comprehensive auditing and years of close cooperation, Smate can appoint the most suitable partner for your small or big quantity electronics production and box-build needs.

Teamwork, simplistic test equipment, carefully planned pilot production, Smate on-site QA and corrective action meetings will guarantee a smooth 1st mass production round and future scalability.

We will be pleased to send you a project proposal.

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Engineering solutions

Our tasks and responsbilities are carried out through below process. 

Problem statement

Outline existing problems and categorize

Discuss the priority and emergency level or each problem 

Qualitative / quantitative analysis

Collect the data of criterias from e.f. failure rate, scrap rate

Apply industry level of acceptence rate and align with customer about standards

Suggestions / Action plan

Make suggestions according to our experience and observations

Discuss with supplier about  action plan feasibility

Distribute tasks to each responsbible

By making specialist eye examinations, we look for root cause for issues in production.

Manufacturing Due diligence


In order to identify inefficiencies and non-conformities in production, to identify the root cause for high failure rate, we suggest to start with an in-depth audit.

Audit scheme and report are based on industry-leading technology company.
Project scheme is as follows:

1. Check IQC department procedures for proper material.

2. Warehouse inspection for adequate ESD and MSD storage, and material stock control.

3. Concentrate on SMT department, procedures for quality assurance, for failure avoidance, for ESD and MSD handling.

4. Evaluate machine and factory capabilities. Evaluate process and quality for on-going order during audit. Advice on actual cases of SMT problems, if personnel can prepare a list of most common failures.

5. Assembly department (incl. HMT and DIP processes) inspected for overall quality, soldering skills, process flow, documentation, ESD, QA system and management structure

6. Evaluate factory's IPQC and OQC. IPQC department is often underestimated and not well-functioning

Report, feedback and proposal

SMATE compiles audit report, and present report of observed non-conformities together with suggestions and solutions for optimization.


Based on findings from audit report and client request, we assist clients implementing optimizations, covering:

1. Management optimization - Train managers and engineers, enhance their understanding of quality - Enable team to perform internal audits. - Clarify responsibilities

2. Procedures optimization - Optimize procedures to control risks before and during production - On-site support for root-cause analysis - Focusing on SMT department and assembly line. - Focusing on details, e.g. adequate handling of humidity and temperature

Smate recommends to schedule a small follow-up audit a few weeks later to make sure that the optimization is carried out.

QA and QC


Define and implement traceability system

Outline customer specific requirements for IQC, in-process QC and OQC system

Comprehensive review of procedures, assembly skills and quality


Batch evaluation and production yield reports

Report product design flaws and corresponding solution

Identify root causes for process inefficiencies and product defects


Supplying a global market is challenging, as regulations vary from country to country and new regulations updates from time to time.

To hold each delivery's specifications under control, we help define and implement traceability system, so you can easily identify each delivery and trace the root of manufacturer.