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Sourcing boost innovation

Sourcing benefits

Our sourcing service helps improve the final produce or service. We navigate in the millions of suppliers in the market, and identify the one that can contribute most to innovation acceleration and long term support. 

The best supplier can be a key contributor thus we encourage innovation teams to explore and integrate suppliers's competentce and resources into development.

Cost reduction is at the forefront of our service. Our sourcing is specifically designed to help innovation products investigate in profit opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

The potential in sourcing can further optimize product design, reduce product cost, and ultimately build a distinct competitive advantage for your product.

Commited support

We help facilitate collaboration between internal NPI teams and suppliers to enhance both internal and external R&D. We will be the contact and supporter for external status and resources, connecting the two teams closely for quickly aligning for changes, and collaborately solve problems. We aim to promptly respond, providing engineers with all the information and materials needed, supporting them effortlessly to achieve their milestones. 

Experience and resources

With 12 years experience working with technology suppliers, we thrive on achieveing objectives including technical solutions, ideal price, supplier qualifications, compliance and certifications.

In additon, we have worked closely with over 200 top-notch industry leaders and build a strong and lasting relationship. As a benefit from our continues effort, our customers are not not limited to MOQ (minimum order quantity) or strict payment terms.

We are confident, that customer will be happy with the commited and consistent quality, and our supplier will be supportive to pave customer success.

    We will guide you through the whole process and you will benefit from it quickly.


    we have searched across different materials and functionality


    we probably have expert suppliers that can directly contribute to new products, saving time and cost



    we have visited or cooperated for years and have build long partnerships

    Insights of China

    Geographical distribution of manufacturer in China

    In the industry of computer science, telecommunications and electronic manufacturing

    In total, there are 178,990 manufacturers in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, accounting 72.17 % of the whole nation.

    Certification holders

    Nationwide, manufacturers that hold certificates, accross all industries.

    ISO 9001: Quality management standard, 1,951,678 holders

    ISO 14001: Environment footprint management standard, 991,299 holders

    ISO 13485: Medical devices -- Quality management systems, 30,743 holders

    IATF 16949: Automobil industry -- Quality management systems,  134,593 holders

    *Above data quote from



    We have contrinuted our sourcing competence for European customers in below projects

    Internet of things (IoT)

    Bio and medical

    Sourcing in 3 steps


    Develop a strategy

    for sourcing

    Mutual understanding of sourcing goals, timeline, priorities and responsibles.

    Conduct supply market research, identify supply availability, technical possibility and supply competition.

    Sourcing checklist


    Recognition and evaluation

    We check supplier's information on authority platforms, where the business scope, staff number, production area, etc is very good reference to conduct supplier SWOT analysis: the competence and weakness, threat and opportunity.

    Supplier evaluation report template


    Integrate capabilities into value

    Motivate supplier to allocate resouces and fast support.

    Accelerate samples itterations by active involvement in the whole process, and help solve problems on the supplier side and ensure progress.

    Action plan

    How do you ensure

    high quality

    sourcing service?

    At Smate, we strive to ensure excellence in all of our sourcing tasks. Our sourcing service is favored by many innovations for its transparency, flexibility and reliability.

    Transparent communication

    Transparency is key in our service, allowing customers to quickly grasp both the big picture and the details of sourcing. Our experience shows transparency is essential to a satisfactory service.

    We also encourage both customers and suppliers to ask questions, it's important that they feel comfortable to ask anything they want to know, or expressing their own expections.


    We are members of important platforms where we can check key data about a company backhground, capabilities, connections with other companies, staff policies, law cases etc.

    The platforms can always help us make an immediate impact on our sourcing targets.


    We have development many templates that help us to evaluate a supplier or a problem efficiently. Our templates also enable us to grasp all the criterias when we carry out a step-by-step process. We will in general search through the internet, identify the best possible candidate, and validate it with our tools.