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Read how sourcing has helped the development of a handheld section device that clears patients airway


Excitus had high requirements for supplier qualifications which were exceeded by sourcing with SMATE.

About Excitus

Excitus is an Norwegian innovative company developping emergency medical devices. Their handheld suction device helps to clear patients airway in pre-hospital life saving.


Pre-hospital emergency care

Working together

Since 2019

No. Of employees

Above 5




Used competency


Supplier analysis

Why choose SMATE?

Chinese local team
Sourcing expertise

The challenge

Excitus experts have been developing an advanced rescue device since 2014. They have had functioning prototypes since 2017 and have won several awards in the following years.

After a field test in 2019, the team started to move forward with version 2.0, having a completely new appearance with enhanced features and practicality. For the new version, the team was aimed for a fast move forward, bringing costs down and become ready for mass production.

Version 2.0 included many good ideas from the innovation team with regards to technical possibilities. These possibilities had to be explored and validated, quickly, in a puzzle of factories and sourcing partners.

Furthermore, all manufacturers must be qualified, all parts should be of high quality, and at the same time, price had to be good.

The Excitus team were urgently in need for an expert in sourcing.

The Solution

SMATE took the challenge with pleasure and with confidence.

With SMATE's  sourcing experience, supplier analysis was comprehensive and through. Suppliers were evaluated with regards to background, history, competent products, customization capability, engineering team, patents, production scale,certification, etc. The evaluations were then important for making the decisions. 

With the advantages of SMATE's  China team and office, the projects are flowing with amazing speed, and suppliers are also supportive. 

In just around one week, many customized samples could was ready and shipped from China to Excitus.

The Result

Excitus is 100% satisfactory with the sourcing result, the efficient process and the communication.

Excitus is still a customer to SMATE in 2023.

Unexpected benefits:

Many parts are cheaper than expected.


saved in one component

<1 week

One component through research


Qualified supplier

"We cannot compromise on supplier qualifications, as we must have a documented supply chain for certification and also for reliable quality. SMATE has helped us source for many parts. We are happy for the high level suppliers and their support to our test equipment challenges. SMATE enables us to focus on development."

-- Øyvind Tjølsen

CTO & Co-founder

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