Electronics engineers

SMATE is an independent consultancy, offering consultation to companies that want to explore the potential benefits of manufacturing in China. SMATE is set up in China in 2015 and set up in Denmark in 2019.

As a team with everyone's background in engineering, we utilize our knowledge and expertise to help customer bring prototypes into pilot production, we help make products affordable, reliable and give them a longer lifetime.

We often gets into early-stage projects that has functioning prototypes, ready to production, that need a BOM review,a cost down, a DFM, a test evaluation, a good documentation for production, that need an affordable lab for certification, a good project manager that move productions under control and foresee/prevent problems from all aspect during production.

100% uses wireless technology
90% uses battery

Our team


Lars Skrydstrup

Competence in

  • - NPI engineering
  • - QA management
  • - Production improvement

Graduated in Electronics Engineering

Lars has worked closely with production since 2011, with a passion for manufacturing he moved to China in 2015 and he lived there for 4 years.
While in China, he spent nearly half of his time being in the manufacturers or working together with Chinese engineering team, there he gained what and how to take the most advantages of Chinese manufacturing.

Lars is very positive minded and extremely extrovert, he appreciates transparent communication and enjoys collaborating with people of all ages.
He always goes for an extra mile for things and is solution minded in general. He is trustworthy, reliable and has been recommended by all partners as a joy to work with.


Bill Haifeng Liu

Competence in

  • - NPI Testing
  • - Certification
  • - Project managementt

Graduated in Electronics Engineering

Bill has worked in Foxconn as a team leader together with Apple team for the iPad projects NPI testing for 4 years.
While in SMATE, he has worked broadly in both engineering and sourcing. It has been most valuable to clients to involve an engineer sourcing for local electronics components possibilities.


Bill is quality-oriented and schedule-concious, he enjoys taking actions promptly and bringing projects forward each day, and closing it under timeline.
He is reliable and committed, he observes details and reaches out to possibilities. Bill believes documentation as well as quantized testing makes reliable products.


Jenny Renqin Zhang

Competence in

  • - Sourcing
  • - Trading
  • - Project management

Graduated in Telecommuncations Engineering

Jenny worked with over 200 factories while working in a trading company, she was the sole contact window to large European importers in respect to everything related to business.
Over the years, she masters the knowledge of what's the best suppliers as well as the worst, and how to improve them.
Jenny sources and delivers to Flextronics and GPV.

Jenny works at a high pace and is action-driven. She handles various tasks simultaneously, prioritize emergencies and importance.
She has an overall good approach of how much things cost and how long it takes to produce. She master good communication and negotiation skills towards suppliers, she helps clients save money.

We deal with sensor technology

We have help produce over 50 IOT products in China and Thailand