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Innovation sourcing

Smate is an independent company providing sourcing service to established brands and innovation start-ups. In recent years we have serviced a lot of projects and products in the field of Internet of Things, Biotech and medical care. Our customers are mostly in Denmark, but also in Norway, Luxemburg and Canada.

Our sourcing focus in China, and stretches out to new emerging regions. We aim to identify the expert supplier, in order to customize critical components. We help elaborate a strategic partner for manufacturing that supports in good or bad scenarios. We bridge customer’s internal development team with external supplier, as well as keep track of the project and production, keep control of the quality and the delivery.

We are a remote team that met in 2014 as colleagues. 

We value transparency, work flexibly and hope to be a reliable long-term partner.

Our mission

Identify and integrate supplier competences and resources

to accelerate innovation and build long-lasting competitiveness



SMATE was first founded in 2015 in China by Lars Skrydstrup and Jenny Renqin Zhang, when Lars had a passion for electronics innovation and Jenny has a dream to build up a business.

Back in 2015, SMATE's biggest customer had the ambition to be one of biggest players in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry, therefore SMATE as a start-up was very busy solving technical and communicative challenges with suppliers every day.

Over the next years, we have met many more small-to-medium (SMEs9 innovation companies from Denmark, that had difficulty in identifying high-level suppliers, achieving quality with suppliers and pushing the limits. We have helped them in supplier evaluations, production engineering, purchasing. etc. Those projects are a primary source of our experience in innovation.

In 2017, Bill has joined SMATE for his competence in top level electronics production as he has worked for the Apple products introduction. He is also Jenny’s colleagues in previous work.

In 2019, SMATE set up Denmark office to create a closer presence to customers, while keeping the office in China.

In February 2023, SMATE increases focus on supplier sourcing and production engineering support.

Business models

Hourly base

We function as part of the customer's team remotely, in the customer's office or at manufacturer. We work flexibly and report our work when necessary.

No minimum hour is required.

Fixed project

We perform a task for the customer as a full project or in single stages, on a agreed budget. For example, conducting a QC inspection or certify a product with RoHS.

One-stop purchase

SMATE outsource customer's design to an expert supplier for production and delivers the finished products, equipment or prototypes.

Innovation clients



SMATE value transparency.

Not only through the whole supply chain but we also share price and our knowledges with our customer, so that they can have a helicopter-view on the projects and learn in the process. The transparency also enables us to work closely alongside with customer's team.

Supplier network

With a large portfolio of partners as specialist suppliers, certification labs, logistics, we make it possible to prototype faster and scale up to mass production cheaper and easier.

By cooperating with long term suppliers at top level, we are committed to deliver high quality products.

Local support

We create a closer presence to suppliers through our office in Shenzhen, China.

Our clients benefit from fast engineering support, responsive communication and broad production experience as we have cooperated with suppliers from different scales, regions and industries.


Over the past 7 years, we utilize our insights to inspire and guide clients towards more technical possibilities. We enable clients to iterate faster and optimize production for low cost, high reliability and high volumes.

We help make products reliable and prolong their lifetime.


Background in the cross-nation work environment, we understand the difference of culture and people. We are a bridge to trust and mutual understanding, and eventually contribute to efficient operations and win-win satisfactory in a long run.

Production engineer, actionist, project manager

I have worked in Foxconn as a team leader on the iPad NPI projects for 4 years. There I developed skills to co-work with people from different roles and with different backgrounds. From the senior engineers I learned how to observes details on site, document it, test it, and how to get supplier's support to achieve top quality. In SMATE I have worked extensively in both production engineering and supplier sourcing. I contribute overall to production due diligence with my quality awareness, know-how and onsite involvement. I believe reliable products are manufactured following proper documentation and quantized testing.

As a project manager, I am driven by deadline and want to get a job done. I enjoy taking actions promptly and bringing projects forward. I solve problems by collecting key indicator data, communicating to the responsible face to face, listening to them carefully and proposing feasible solutions. I ensure actions are taken and process flows.

I have worked and lived in Shenzhen China, since 2010, and I will continue to be here with my wife and children. I love Shenzhen because it is filled with technology minds, their dreams and their hard work, as well as mine.

I am a down-to-ground person, work hard, service-minded and is seen as trustworthy by people around me.

Education:  Bachelor of Electronics Engineering

Bill Haifeng Liu

China Operations Manager