Quality management


  • Supplying a global market is challenging, as regulations vary from country to country
  • and new regulations updates from time to time.
  • To hold each delivery's specifications under control, we help define and implement traceability
  • system,so you can easily identify each delivery and trace the root of manufacturer.

Review and deployment of QA systems

  • Define and implement traceability system
  • Outline customer specific requirements for IQC, in-process QC and OQC system
  • Comprehensive review of procedures, assembly skills and quality

Post-production QA follow-up

  • Batch evaluation and production yield reports
  • Report product design flaws and corresponding solution
  • Identify and eliminate root causes for process inefficiencies and product defects

QA management goals

Better overall quality

Longer life-time

Lower scrap rate

Less waste

Less delivery delay

QA target