supplier competences and resources

to accelerate innovation and build long-lasting competitiveness

Trusted by established brands and startups in Denmark since 2015

Innovation sourcing

The competent and supportive suppliers can bring new possibilities, help solve technical challenges, save development cost and accelerate prototype iterations.

We are engineers specializing in searching and identifying suppliers, integrating their capabilities into customer's innovation projects.  

NPI engineering support

As your extended team, we act in your best interest to solve technical challenges in the early production.

We support the entire NPI process. We are your local guide as well as your arms and eyes.

Compliance and certification

We initiate dialogues with lab authorities regarding pre-testing and failure debugging, analyze potential technical issues, prevent and eventually solve them together with customer' team.

Purchasing service

For innovations that wishes to simply the supply chain and focus on their core business.

We plan and arrange everything and delivers to your door. 


Are you an innovation startup that missing competence in sourcing?

Are you in need of local production support?

Are you aiming to be price-performance competitive in a global market?

Are you having challenges with import or export operations?

We are here to help.

Whether you need just some advice, or you need a full time.

Contact us, let’s talk


Smart home / building

Digital fire protection

Bio and medical

Small robots


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years supplier work

Visited factories 

EXCITUS high expectation on supplier qualification and precision customization are exceeded by sourcing with SMATE


Looking for something else?

Why do I need your service?

1. When you need a hand in professional sourcing, or find a reliable source.

2. When you cannot find locally, not on internet shop, not on Amazon, not anywhere. Not at the price you want.

Try us, we can probably help you.

How can I work with you?

It is usually the CTOs/engineer that are a contact window to us and work together with us.

As CTOs will provide a lot of ideas, technical specs and will make many decisions alongside supplier choice and solutions forward.

How to close a project?

At a milestone of our project, you will have a take-away package from us. It usually contains sourcing report, supplier documentations as well as approved samples. From then on, you can take over and continue the cooperation with supplier independently.

How to predict if a supplier can deliver their promises?

We believe, there is a higher chance, if

if you are buying their competence products

if their competence products are also applicable in your industry

If they have experience supplying your target market

If they are excellent in communication

If they are really interested in your project and can allocate resources

Welcome to ask any questions.

We might not have answers to all your questions, but we are open to share with all we know.